**I am currently not accepting new individual clients and have transitioned my practice into couples only. Current individual clients will be maintained. My current wait time for new couples is approximately 3 months. Please email me if you wish to join the waitlist for new couples. Thank you for your patience! 

About Me

Welcome!  My name is Alyssa Siegel and I am a licensed professional counselor. Counseling to me is a collaborative process.  I am a proactive and strength based counselor who provides you with both support and challenge as well as guidance and concrete ideas to help my clients achieve change.  I am not a counselor that will simply nod along and take notes. I try each session to “get in there”, identifying themes and suggesting tools that could improve the quality of your life and relationships, empowering clients to leave feeling as if they have an ideas that can be used in the time spent out of the office.

Many of my clients come from creative and social justice backgrounds.   My approach tends to incorporate systems, feminist, humanist, person-centered and existential strategies but I believe that each person’s unique world view is tremendously influential in determining what strategies will be most effective in helping them reach their goals.  In my practice, I specialize in sex and relationship therapy.  I also work with clients on a variety of stated concerns such as depression, anxiety, and identity development.

About Couples Counseling

If you have been to individual counseling before, you probably have some idea about what to expect from the counseling process.  Couples counseling however, can feel a bit different.  As a couples counselor, my approach tends to be fairly direct. When meeting with partners together, I am able to observe and point out communication patterns, body language, and subtle dynamics that may be interfering with a couples ability to truly see and hear one another.  Couples counseling often involves presenting alternative ways to connect and navigate conflict that I will request partners practice at home.  Couples counseling can provide a safe space to have hard conversations until the tools incorporated make such topics easier to navigate outside of the office.

About Sex Therapy

Many clients who come to me are in low or no sex relationships and this is causing tension that extends into other areas of the relationship.  For many couples, sex is a difficult thing to discuss and it is not unusual for a reduction in sex to signal a crisis.  One partner may feel tremendous pressure and blame, the other may feel rejection and fear around their partner no longer loving them or finding them attractive. Though it takes time, I have worked with many couples over the years and seen tremendous movement towards a sexual relationship that feels healthy, satisfying, and enjoyable to both partners.

Sex therapy is also appropriate for those struggling with infidelity, intimacy, healing from sexual trauma, hoping to improve communication around sex, navigating or redefining agreements around polyamory, or looking to deepen their understanding of their own sexuality.

I am a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and am a queer, poly, and kink  friendly provider.